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Went on an icon spree today and decided to post them up, as a celebratory 1st post here.

The Rules:

1. Comment and credit, please?

2. Don't edit any textless icons

3. Enjoy! (?)

[2] Preity Zinta

[7] Hana-Kimi

[4] Anti Standardized Test (OGT, FCAT)


Preity Zinta


1.   2.





1.   2.   3.   4.   5.   6.   7.



Anti Standardized Test (OGT, FCAT)


1.   2.   3.   4.

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Nitya! Why didn't you tell me you'd make Hanakimi Icons?? Snatched 3 and 7. They're loffly. You're my hero.
BWHAHA!!! Love the Anti Tests!! Hahha xDDD. I'm defiantly saving #'s 1 and 4. *can't stop laughing* Great job! =D

they're great! ^^ yay for new icon comm! :D
took 2 and 7 of H-K

Wonderful! and Thank you!
You're welcome :)

I'm just curious, how did you come up this li'l place of mine? :]
I was searching for icons and ran across it. *grins* Lovely search engine and tons of time on my hands. *laughs*
Might take 2. Mwahaha. ^__^ Hana-Kimi is awesome.
That it is :D

Thanks for commenting! And <3 your icon. I really do.
nice! i also like your secret garden user icon. have you made any other secret garden icons? please post them :)
Thank you! My icon was made by _alassea_, so thank her :)

Well, there are some..but they're all horrible.

Trust me - but there'll probably be some icons made soon, when I get my hands on screencaps. *sheepish*

Thanks for the comment!
I LOVE your Hana-Kimi icons!
Thank you!

Glad you like them *g* :)
lol, love the anti OGT one, you live in ohio?

Yes, I do :)
me too!
That's pretty cool :D

Where? If you don't mind me asking..
im in westerville.... you?

ohio is pretty boring, cant wait til i graduate so i can get out....
I live near Dayton. Westerville, eh? Sounds like a great place.

Same here - when do you graduate?
sounds kool.... meh, westerville is pretty boring.... um, i graduate 2008, hopefully 2007....


12 years ago


12 years ago


11 years ago


11 years ago


11 years ago


11 years ago


11 years ago

LMFAO! I'm totally taking the NO OGT one. Took that fuckin bitch last year.

Waste of my time.


And it is a bitch, isn't it? *sigh*
It was more than a bitch - it was a waste of time. I got advanced placement on every single section of them. *diiiieessssss*
Haha, definitely very true.

YAY for you :)
I love the Hana Kimi icons! ^____^<3
Thank you! :D