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where you'll find some pretty - and not so pretty - graphics

9/10/05 05:48 pm - nousia - Mars Graphics

Five months have passed and no graphics. Yes, bad me, bad me, I know. Hopefully what I'm posting today makes up for all those months. :)

All art I'm posting is of Fuyumi Souryo's manga Mars. I highly recommend it.

The Rules:

1. Comment/credit
2. Do not edit any textless icons
3. Do not hotlink
4. Enjoy! (?)

[4] Kira/Rei Graphics/Wallpapers

The WallpapersCollapse )

And I have an announcement. From henceforth, I will no longer be making graphics. Not only do I not have the time to do so, but I've also lost interest in graphic making. I'm really sorry, and wish that my passion was still there, but unfortunately it's not.

Thanks for all your support. This community is what it is because of you :)

Hope to see you all soon. If not, then..we'll meet again.

Thank you!

4/5/05 04:35 pm - nousia - Wallpapers and More Wallpapers (and 1 Icon)

After a long time, I've come again, bearing 5 wallpapers (and one icon). 4 of the wallpapers are anime, while the last is of Keira Knightley (famous for Bend It Like Beckham and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl). These graphics are a result of me experimenting ^_^

The Rules:

1. Comment/credit

2. Do NOT edit any textless icons

3. Do NOT hot link

4. Enjoy! (?)

[2] Yuki/Tohru (from Fruits Basket) wallpapers

[1] Yuki/Tohru icon

[2] Chise/Shuji (from Saikano) wallpapers

[1] Keira Knightley wallpaper

The GraphicsCollapse )

By the way, angel_wing3, if you're reading this -- I highly recommend Saikano =P Will talk to you later about it (and other things) on MSN, promise!

3/2/05 07:06 pm - nousia - Icons!

Went on an icon spree today and decided to post them up, as a celebratory 1st post here.

The Rules:

1. Comment and credit, please?

2. Don't edit any textless icons

3. Enjoy! (?)

[2] Preity Zinta

[7] Hana-Kimi

[4] Anti Standardized Test (OGT, FCAT)

The Icons.Collapse )</p>
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